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I'm Natasja Ditewig

After much complaining (from my side) we would finally get a dog, not too big..........

 It was a blond Labrador called Mito.

A half year later we started looking for a companion for Mito. A a second Labrador, named Chenko came in our home.

But I was already very much interested in Great Danes, so you understand...

After a long time searching the internet and read all about I could find about Great Danes, I came in contact with Nicolien and Ad van der Ploeg of kennel "Deltadog.

The first contact was made and so finally in March 2005 a German Dog came to our house. Miss Kyra Deltadog a beautiful harlequin female with lovely eyes.

A year later the phone rang, and Ad and Nicolien, said to us that there was a beautiful harlequin male born, and theythought it was a dog specially for us!  

Since we had already 3 dogs we had to think about getting another.

After much deliberation, came Ojay Deltadog, indeed a beautiful harlequin male with blue eyes very naughty, at our place.

Our house was full!!

Our house was to small for such an amount of dogs, so we start looking for another house with more space for the dogs.

In 2007 we moved to a bigger house with a big piece of land and lots of space for the dogs.

We then decided not to go on a vacation and Patrick said, "You can have another Great Dane" and you can imagine what happened, I start looking around.

When looking for another Great Dane we had already some email contact with a Great Dane breeder from Italy.

But enough is enough?.

We got an invitation to come and look at two litters.

We were curious so we went to Italy.  And Great Dane number 3 came in our live, Blue Eye Del Castello Delle Rocche a harlequin female.

Shortly after that we got our first great loss.

On 10 April 2008 Mito died and eight months  Chenko managed without his buddy, but on January 5, 2009 Chenko also died.

In September 2008 came a mantle Great Dane named Hedon von Haus vom Steraldted to stay for the weekend.

But after that one weekend and sleeping with Patrick (the boss), he did not go home and stayed.


Whether we reached the limit with the amount of Great Danes we can have we do not know yet!

Having Great Danes is like a virus, you can not do anything against it.


If you visit our website to have any questions, email or call us.

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